A Surge in Chinese & Saudi Investors in Dubai. The city is all set to grow!

Chinese & Saudi Investors in Dubai

A Surge in Chinese & Saudi Investors in Dubai. The city is all set to grow!

The number of Chinese and Saudis investing in Dubai projects has noticeably increased, according to UAE-based Azizi Developments. Saudi investors have increased by 8% and Chinese investors have increased by 5%, while Emirates continue making up more than half (52%) of its customers. Indian nationals, meanwhile, comprise 10%, Pakistani nationals 4%, and the rest belong to GCC, Europe and China.

Azizi Developments’ study explored the factors contributing to property buying, focusing on location and unit price. The study revealed that the majority (68.5%) of purchases happen with the intention of renting them out. Studio apartments, particularly, are in highest demand, making up 65% of all sales. Following this, 1BR, 2BR and 3BR apartments comprise 25%, 7%, and 3% respectively.

Giving a brief overview of why this happens, the CEO of Azizi Developments, Farhad Azizi, says, “Big data, with its ability to generate precise insights with profound applications, is a technological facilitator that is set to play an important role in our sector in the coming years. It adds a much-needed, customer-centric dimension to real estate and helps us in setting our strategy in a way that adds monumental value to the UAE property sector and economy.”

The study also revealed figures indicating a clear increase in the number of young professionals and families, who purchase properties with the intention of settling down. Dubai’s attractive price points, advantageous offers from developers, and incentivising reforms by the government helps introduce more end-users to the homeowner segment.

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