Indians are the highest foreign investors in Dubai Properties

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Indians are the highest foreign investors in Dubai Properties

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Within the first nine months of 2018, Indian nationals in Dubai established themselves as foreign investors. According to the Department of Real Estate Studies & Research, Dubai Land Department (DLD), with an enormous Rs. 16,800 crores in various real estate projects, Indians formed the largest chunk of all foreign investors in the sector.

The DLD has also gone on record saying that as buyers, Indians have consistently been the highest foreign investors in the Emirate’s realty sector. This is due to their understanding of the sector’s strategic location, high investment and rental yields, capital appreciation and it is an attractive proposition due to various regulations.

According to a company spokesperson, they expected these numbers to pick up further in the DLD’s 4thannual Dubai property show (DPS). Doing so would showcase the exclusive Dubai real estate options, especially with the participation of renowned developers such as Nakheel, Falconcity of Wonders, Sobha Realty, Geminit Property among others.

This property show brought together Dubai’s real estate experts, developers, and consultants for interaction with potential Indian investors. In addition, there were offers of budgets to luxury apartments, villas, beach properties, furnished homes, and commercial properties.

Having the 10thedition of the exhibition in Mumbai was a strategic move by DPS General Manager, Himanshu Gupta. Reasoning that Indians have contributed immensely to the business and economic growth in Dubai, he spoke with great optimism for the future. In addition, the large amount of migration to Dubai and traveling to-and-from Dubai for work has made it a home-away-from-home. Indian investors consider it a familiar environment, with close proximity to India, while providing amazing growth opportunities and increasing trust in the systems.

With an array of seminars, upcoming investment hot spots, legal advice about existing and new UAE real estate laws, and financial options, the DPS had it all. It, therefore, served as the perfect space for Indian investors to learn more about the Dubai realty market and their options.

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