Why Invest In Dubai


Dubai is at the centre of all the action:
Dubai is strategically located between Europe, Asia, Africa and The Middle East.
Dubai offers an amazing lifestyle:
Dubai’s cosmopolitan culture combined with unique entertainment hotspot, luxurious hotels and great beaches presents lifestyle opportunities for over 200 nationalities who reside in Dubai.
A thriving tourism industry:
Dubai government allows their property investors to let their properties for short term period to tourists and encourages facilities like AirBNB. Almost 20 million visitors arrive in Dubai every year who are looking for hotel apartments, villas, townhouses – all which work out to short term rental opportunities.
One of the safest cities in the world. The government of Dubai invests in cutting edge security solutions keeping the crime rates lowest in the world. The political system is stable and always forward looking in its vision & objectives.
Well regulated real estate market. Dubai real estate regulatory agency (RERA), under the ambit of Dubai land department ensures that each developer and project is well monitored. RERA ensures that all projects are registered, accesses the financial of the project and approved if they can be sold locally and internationally.
Great Designs, Amazing Quality, A commitment to deliver. Dubai boosts of some of the world’s leading real estate developments, the commitment of quality and delivery is extremely high and is monitored all the time.
Anyone can buy a property in Dubai. Dubai is a freehold market. Anyone of any nationality is allowed to buy and sell properties. Dubai real Estate market transacts a large volume of properties on freehold. Almost every project is open to all without any restrictions.
Something for every budget: Affordable, mid range, luxury and ultra luxury. Ranging from Budget apartments, townhouses, villas, a beach house or a private island. You will find everything you want in Dubai. There is something for every budget.
World’s best rental yields. Dubai’s rental returns offers a minimum of 5.5-6% and go as high as 10-11%. Even at a rental return of 7%, it is extremely high compared to other cities like London, New York and Hong Kong where residential properties offer you just 2-2.5% returns annually.
It’s tax free. Dubai has no taxes. There are no taxes on rental income and capital gains.So if you rent the property and the tenant pays you rent or if you sell the property at any time and made a profit from the investment, that too would be tax free.
Send money from Dubai to anywhere. There are no restrictions or repatriations to anywhere in the world. This means that if you invest in a property in Dubai and sell it within a year, there is no restriction by the government to have the money in your account or use it for any other purpose.
Your residence visa. On investing in Dubai Real Estate, you receive a residence visa for 2 years with a minimum investment of 1 million dirhams. The visa is renewable every 2 years, provided you still have the property.
Finance Options. With low interest rates, finance options are available to both non-residents and residents of Dubai. The loan to value ranges from 50-70% of your property value making is extremely easy and affordable to buy properties in Dubai. 

Its not wonder that Indians are the top investors in Dubai’s real estate market with accumulated property investment upto 126 billion dirhams.
Dubai Investment Park – A unique Industrial, Commercial & Residential Complex – spread over an area of 2300 hectares.

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